Illustration is an art form that goes beyond mere aesthetics and can serve as a powerful tool for conveying ideas and emotions. It has the ability to reflect our collective cultural stories and perspectives, and to share and understand our experiences using the tool of direct imagery.

In this particular piece, the artist illustrates the source of ultimate tranquility that can be found underwater, and how this feeling can also be experienced while standing under a shower. It reminds the artist of the time when they went swimming for the first time as a little child, sat underwater, and looked around to enjoy the view and the peace under the water’s surface. For others, a walk through the woods can provide a similar feeling of calmness.

The artist has combined these two elements (the tranquility of being underwater and the beauty of a forest walk) in this illustration. The bright colors used give the whole thing a dreamy effect, as if it is being viewed through rose-tinted glasses. By using the creative process of illustration as a means of self-expression, the artist can explore and understand the world and convey ideas and emotions in a way that transcends language and cultural barriers. Thus, an illustration can serve as a powerful medium to connect us and share our collective experiences.

Oase fan rêst (Haven of tranquility)


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